Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nine-Patch: It's a Start

I started my grandbaby's nine-patch in brights and lights (and a few darks the photograph tells me).  Grand-baby-girl is due early in January and I want to finish a quilt for her before she comes. 

Blocks are cut at 2".  I started with 2½" blocks and decided they were too big.  I think baby quilts need baby-size blocks, and even 2" squares seem a little large but I don't think I have enough time to make more blocks and get the quilt finished, so 2" blocks it is.

Above and below is my progress so far and it's possible that after a few more blocks I'll change my mind and make a completely different quilt.  Possibilities for this nine-patch are 2" sashing and corner blocks or snowballs alternating with the nine-patches.  If I do snowballs I think I would choose fabric in a medium tone so I could add light triangles on the corners.  I've also thought about appliqueing flowers around a border.  We'll see how manage with the time I have.

A few more blocks in progress.  I need more yellow blocks, for sure.  None sewn yet.

I've already cut some strips to sew but have to pair them up with light/dark fabrics as needed. 

When I go scrappy it just seems to get crazy.  I can't limit my colors and fabrics.  On the other hand, when I make more than enough blocks it makes it easier to eliminate some that don't seem to work well, so I guess there is some control.

I'm linking this post to Quarter 4 Finish-A-Long at She Can Quilt with the intention of having it sewn (whatever baby quilt it turns out to be), layered, quilted, and bound by the end of December.



  1. How exciting to be waiting for a baby! Enjoy your sewing

  2. I agree, when I get scrappy, It's hard to be restrained! I love your sweet nine-patches, and I'm sure your grandbaby will too!

  3. Had to chuckle, my scrappy quilts often turn into two quilts since I make so many blocks! Looking fwd to this finish!


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