Sunday, October 13, 2013

Quilter, or Not?

Lilypad Quilting is holding a Go to Jail linky party.  She asks us if we're really quilters and she wants us to show her the evidence.  In particular, I think she wants us to show her quilts in use around our homes.  I say, just because there are lots of quilts around a person's house doesn't make that person a quilter.  I have to say that because there aren't many quilts in use around our house.  I haven't finished but a few quilts and all except two I've given away.   And I haven't made any small quilts (except baby quilts) to hang or use in my home.  So here's the evidence that I'm a quilter.

a short stack of quilt tops awaiting backing, batting, & quilting

a small table cover made many years ago (two layers, no batting)
which is now much faded after years of use

two quilts on the couch - one on the back and one I was taking a nap under

a collage of the glorious mess that is my workspace

and I almost forgot two crib-size quilts

So what do you think?  Enough evidence to call me a quilter?

If you'd like to participate in this linky party, go to Lilypad Quilting, read the rules (which are also copied below), write and publish a blog post, then link your post and follow the rest of the rules.  I think it's fun to see quilts in use in others' homes.

Rules from Lily Pad Quilting:
1. Write a blog post or create a Flickr collage (instructions can be found at Flickr, or on youtube). Then join our linky party here at the Lilypad, and leave a comment to let us know you are partying with us!
2. Towards the end of the week, make sure that you have visited and left some comment love for all of your fellow party-goers. Leave a comment to tell us that you did.
3. Stop in at FabricsNQuilts and leave a comment telling what is calling your name!
4. Travel through cyberspace and check out the gallery at OleFrogEyes, and tell us whose quilt you just love! (Click on a letter, like "J" or "S" and then check out the quilters' projects....tsk, tsk, some of them haven't posted yet, but many of them have! Enjoy! (And leave a comment at the Lilypad Quilting post)
5. You don't have to be a follower to win, but we'd love to have you, and we'll allow another entry if you follow and leave a comment to let us know!



  1. I have the same problem you do, I've only been quilting for two years and have only kept one quilt I have made so far, the rest I've given away! LOL I love the quilts on your couch, they are gorgeous!

  2. Oh I'm calling you a quilter..oh yes!! Fantastic display

  3. Great display that shows you are a quilter.

  4. Hi, Nancy! Welcome to "the party". I agree that most of my "proof" is in my sewing room, too. Love your quilts and naps under them are just the coziest ever I bet.

  5. oh, yes - you are guilty! No getting out of it! ;D And "glorious mess" is perfect.

  6. enough evidence! what a fun party!


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