Friday, January 24, 2014

Stars in the Centers?

I have this bunch of blocks -- or at least I have the four corners of the blocks.  I was thinking of joining them with striped fabric but couldn't find anything I liked well enough to use in a whole quilt.

They've been at the back of my mind for a month or two.  Just recently it occurred to me that perhaps stars in the centers would be fun.

One of the problems with my quilt-making abilities is that I tend to "imagine" in bits and pieces.  Oh, wouldn't red and lights look great in this pattern?  And that's as far as my thought process went.  And I made a bunch of blocks.  Then I have to figure out the next step....

Unless I'm trying to make a finished quilt from a photograph, I figure out a quilt as I go alone.  It has its pros and cons.  My real challenge is that I don't imagine very well.  I have to see it to know what it's going to look like.  In some ways it's very limiting.

Anyway, If I'm going to put stars in the centers I'll have to play around to figure out how to make them them.  And then I have to decide whether to use the same fabric for all the stars and all the connecting strips or whether to vary them from block to block.

Oh, to have a visual brain!

I hope you're staying warm.  It's been the coldest winter we've had for many years.  Brrrrrrr.



  1. I make some of my quilts in bits and pieces too. It is a challenge to move on to the next step, but I love that I'm not locked into any particular formula too. Your stars within stars look wonderful.:)

  2. YES!!!! Stars in the centers are awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Stick with it!

  3. I like the stars in the center, I think I would make them all the same to tie in the different fabrics of the stars. I have a hard time seeing the finished product in my head also. I need a picture to look at to at least get an idea. I decorate cakes also and need to see thw finished product or I totally mess it up.


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