Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Singer (almost) All the Way

I love shopping at thrift stores, though maybe just slightly less with bedbugs threatening to take over.

The other day I found a clear plastic bag with some sewing notions.  I saw the bobbins first, then the needles and decided it was worth $1.50. 

Many of the items will be useful but I don't recognize some of them.  Maybe some of you know....

Those flat bobbins just left of center toward the top... what kind of machine uses those?  I thought I could put them on the thread holder of my 201 but the hole is too small.

That needle plate cover.... what kind of machine is that for and what does it do?

Those little cream-colored plastic things toward the bottom....  What are those for?

And I'd ask you about the presser feet but the photograph probably isn't good enough for you to tell what they're for, other than the one at left which I know is a zipper foot.

Anyone want some ballpoint needles?  I think they're only good for knit fabric.

I thought it was interesting to see 4 different kinds of packages for Singer needles.  The little plastic cases look very handy.

That cloth pouch toward the top is folded over and closed with a safety pin.  It has about a dozen sewing machine needles in it.  I hope they're Singer brand.

The needle threaders all look the same but they are 3 different sizes.  Maybe I will try the Dritz magnetic seam guide.

Are you a thrift store shopper?



  1. What a great thrift store find! The little cream colored plastic things look like they may be button hole attachments but I don't know what kind of machine uses them. The feet are definitely Singer feet, but some are for slant shank models (Singer 301, 301A and a couple of other models). The clear plastic bobbins would be for a more modern machine. I have a Brother machine that takes something similar. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts on what some of the items are. After you mentioned the presser feet being for straight and slant models, I remembered that the little Featherweight Singer I have is a slant model. When I get it out next I'll see if the feet fit and what they do. I went to your blog (but there were no posts) but I wanted to say that I love your blog header. It's beautiful! Thanks again for your help.

  2. I love to visit thrift stores and see all the treasures. I have a neighbor who runs an independent non-profit thrift store and a few months ago she asked me if I would consider volunteering. I work there one day/week, although "work" doesn't really describe it. I get the enjoyment of looking through the treasures, displaying them and then seeing others discover them. And I have a great excuse to go to the auction near us and purchase the one or two dollar boxes without cluttering up my house! I love your little collection of notions. A few weeks ago I came home from the auction with a sewing box stuffed with goodies. I decided that it was almost like a diary of the woman who owned it. I don't have any insight on your treasures, though. But, enjoy!

    1. How fun for you to work at a thrift store! Is it hard to leave things there instead of buying them and taking them home? I think I might have that problem sometimes.

      What a fun thought: a sewing box as a diary. We sometimes go to auctions and I'm drawn to the boxes with hand-work items but I never thought of the boxes as being like diaries. I'll have to remember that.

  3. I remember a friend at a quilt retreat asking for some of those flat bobbins, but I can't remember what machine they went to. I know the bobbins with one hole are class 66 bobbins, that is what my Singer Redeye 66 takes. As for the needle plate cover, you would just have to compare it to other machines to find which one fits probably. I'm going to a vintage machine conference thingie, I bet they could tell you what was what! LOL I love fun stuff like that!

    1. Hi, Missy --

      If your friend still wants some of those flat plastic bobbins, let me know and I can send them her way.

      There are two kinds of metal bobbins with one hole: on is thicker than the other. The thinner ones also have a smaller hole and don't fit on the bobbin winder of my 201. The thicker one does, though, but is not the same as my 201 bobbins. I'll have to look at my Redeye and see which of these is the same as that machine uses.

      Thanks for helping identify my finds.

  4. The cream coloured plastic pieces are part the foot part of a set of zipper attachments for normal and invisible zips. There should also be some pale blue plastic parts as well. You only have part of the set there. The set came with a number of different shanks (the pale blue bits) so that they could be used on a number of different makes of sewing machine. I bought my set in the early 1970s and still use them in preference to any of the real zipper feet that came as the manufacturer supplied feet for any of my sewing machines. They were an excellent set despite being plastic.

    1. Thanks so much for adding your knowledge to the discussion, Anonymous. The pale blue parts must have fallen through the cracks before they got to the bag at the thrift store. I'm not strong on zippers of any kind so probably wouldn't have a use for the attachments even if I did have all of them. Maybe someone else will want these.... Thanks again for responding.


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