Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Typewriters and Music on the Brain (but no quilts today)

There's really such a thing as a typewriter orchestra?  Yes:  The Boston Typewriter Orchestra!  Who knew?!  I'm sharing because sometimes things are just too unusual not to share.

This is a Kelly Clarkson interview with several of its members.  If you only want the music, it starts at 2:39 minutes.  Be prepared for percussion "music."  You can learn more at their website.

And then there's this orchestra playing "The Typewriter," a delightful bit of music.

It's pure silliness, but I love this performance and the music.

Now I'll to go back to quilting.



  1. We can't quilt 100% of the time. There have to be other things to talk about. This was fun.

  2. LOL. It seems like I usually confine this blog to quilting but yes, you're right, Robin, we can't quilt all the time. As much as I love making quilts, I think I would eventually become bored.

  3. That was delightful. Thanks for sharing, Nancy. Really fun to see such creativity.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post, Janet.


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