Thursday, June 1, 2023

Like a Kid Out of School for the Summer

Yesterday I looked forward to today as if I were a kid let out of school for the summer.  I realized that the quilt I was so diligently trying to finish by the end of May--BowTies--was done and the only other active quilt in progress was hand quilting Flowers.  My life was wide open to possibilities.  Today, however, I'm feeling at a loss.  I have to make a decision about what's next (because I can't just sit and do nothing, can I?).

There are several possibilities.

Roses at the Garden Market?  These blocks have been tugging at me.  Each green square will finish at 4½". red circles on green, Roses at the Garden Market These have been on my mind for a few months.  I started them in 2015 and they've been waiting since 2017.  I can't work on them quite yet because the kitties are here until next Wednesday and I need to lay all 180 of the squares on the floor to sort the arrangement.  Then I'll decide on sashing/or not between blocks.  I'm torn between red and white/natural striped sashing and grey or some other color between blocks, or maybe a group of nine blocks side-by-side and sashing around those....  Or...?

Baskets of Plenty are still waiting, too.

Baskets of Plenty
These are sewn into a top but they will get unstitched.  These bright, lively flowers deserve better than the static, monochromatic sashing they have now.  What was I thinking?!  But unstitching is a sit-down task similar to quilting.  Maybe these would be better when I finish quilting Flowers.

The blue and light sampler blocks have been finished for a few years.  Finished unless I need to make more.
blue and light sampler blocks
These need sashing and a border.  What color, what fabric?  I have 20 blue 12" blocks and am thinking about adding several brown ones--maybe.  I'm also thinking about 4" sashing, but I'm not sure.  And I'm still not sure about 4 x 5 blocks or 4 x 6 blocks or 5 x 6 or 7 blocks.  All of these blocks have a diamond or a square in the center, surrounded by the opposite.  It's interesting to me how much weight some of these carry.  I also find it interesting how the same arrangement of parts can look so different depending on the tone or shade of the fabric.

I have some little 3½" spool blocks I should do something with.  I like spools, sort of....
spool blocks
These are made of more modern fabrics in mostly bright colors.  It would be a simple, quick finish, I suppose.  But I can never decide what to do with little quilts.... 

Sweet Land of Liberty is in the wings but I'm not ready to pull that out just now.

Or, of course, I could start something new.  Now that's a fun idea!

Maybe a quilt with rose-printed fabrics?
fabric with roses
I've been collecting them for a few years now and have some vintage pieces.   I don't have a specific pattern in mind, though....

I guess I could always clean up my sewing space.  (I'm too embarrassed to post photos.)

Or I could play, like kids out of school, or just be lazy for a week and sit and quilt and watch videos or listen to books on tape....  I think I'll decide tomorrow.

Do you ever feel like the kid out of school for the summer?  Do you have summer quilting plans?  Do your quilting habits change from season to season?



  1. i used my spool blocks as a border on a larger wall quilt...cityquilter grace

    1. Thanks for that idea, Grace. I think you may have posted that quilt on your blog?

  2. So many fun projects! I love the red/ green/ pepermint stick Dotty, and the Spools. All are delightful.

    What about the Burgoyne Surrounded and its Oak and Acoorn border. That would be a lovely sumer project?

    Cleaning is over rated and exhausting. Take a break, enjoy a good book or two...

    I hated school and very much loved summer break [in the midwest today would have been the last day!]--swimming, biking, fossil hunting, playing oldtime games on my BFF Anne's wide porch [jacks! Pick up sticks, jigsaw puzzles, Candyland], sailing, gardening--I had my own rock garden. Reading always. My mom would choose a novel each summer for us to read together. Evening trips for icecream in my dad's latest convertible. And best, I'd be given a treat of new fabric for sewing doll clothes.

    1. Thank you, Lizzy.
      I've been looking forward to turning those red circles on green into a quilt top.  Up close I like the red and white stripe but from a distance I don't think it's the best choice.  You can guess I'll be playing a bit with these blocks.
      I didn't put Burgoyne Surrounded on the list because it will have a lot of hand applique and I don't want an applique project along with hand quilting.  (I'm already appliqueing the zinnias in baskets, but that's a small project I can take in the car.  I don't think I'd take a long border in the car.)  Maybe I can work on that in the fall.
      I put off the cleaning, at least for this week, but I'm having trouble finding a good book, one that doesn't have language sex scenes.  I've had two naps two days in a row!
      Your childhood summers sound idyllic!  All the best things for a child to do.

  3. These are all great projects to finish, and the idea of those rose fabrics in a new quilt is wonderful, too. I can see why it will take some decision time. I like the brighter red/white stripe with the circles. I like all the to-be-finished projects. You do wonderful projects, and I'm working on SLOL myself this summer. I'm doing an embroidered angel right now. Then more plans, of course, to finish the next unit. I think you are farther along than I am.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments about my quilt ideas.  Up close I like the red and white stripe for the circles but from a distance I think it looks weak.  I'll have to play a bit.
      I'm looking forward to seeing your next blocks for SLoL, Susan.  I think I have the lower right corner to finish, perhaps 3 or 4 sections....  I'll pull it out one of these days, but not yet.  Sew-alongs are fun and encouraging but somehow I got bogged down and behind with that one. 

  4. After reading Lizzy's comment I got to thinking about what I did all summer when I was a child. There were usually dolls, a lot of pretending, and my bike. The air had that feel of freedom today. It's the end of school for my grandchildren who live downstairs. That means there's going to be more noise, and more dirty dishes. Sigh~ They don't usually involve me in their activities. Mainly because they are way into video games and I'm definitely not. (Oh, and my mother would always teach me a new craft in the summertime.

    1. And you have an amazing collection of rose fabric. Lots of possibilities.

    2. It's fun to reflect on childhood summers, isn't it, Robin?  I usually had chores in the morning but then I could play.  When there were other children around there was pretend play--school, store, home/family, etc.--and some games including cards, and solitaire when there weren't children around.  We played badminton, rode bikes, and played outdoor games.  And reading was always an option.
      I think it's sad to see children so involved with video games.  My two oldest grands, at 9 and 11, enjoy them, but I also see them involved in other activities.  I think it's a delicate balance to prevent addiction and yet have children learn enough technology to keep up with the times.
      I hope summer isn't too, too hard, Robin, with another family there.  We wouldn't want children to be quiet all the time and yet we want them to be respectful and considerate--inside voices, outside voices, etc.
      I didn't realize how much rose fabric I had until I started pulling out the pieces.  It's fun to imagine possibilities.


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