Monday, September 24, 2012


"It'd been nearly a month and a half since the white flower of the cotton plant had bloomed, turned pink, faded into red, then grew deep purple and fell to the earth below....

"We walked out of the barn and were met by a hallelujah chorus of white. As if sprayed from heaven, the fields had exploded into a seamless sea of fluffy white. Hundreds of thousands of cottony white hands rose up out of the earth and reaching to heaven blanketed the landscape with texture, tenderness, and promise."

from Maggie by Charles Martin, p. 286

For other view of cotton fields look here or here.  Image above by Martin LaBar.


  1. Do you live in cotton country? I saw my first cotton fields this year as I drove to Houston for International Quilt Market.

    1. I don't live in cotton country, Ellen, and have never seen cotton growing. I was disappointed with the photos because I imagined green plants with bursts of white instead of dried, brown plants. I love your post!

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