Thursday, September 27, 2012

Photos from A Small Quilt Show

A weekend ago I went to a small quilt show in a nearby small town. There were perhaps 50 quilts, at most. A few of my photographs turned out well enough to share. I didn't keep a record of who made the quilts.
I have close-ups of four of the flowers and wanted to post all of them in a row as small images but I'm having trouble with the new blogger.  It won't let me put them in a row.  So I'll just show you one.  I was a little surprised at the roughness of the edges on the applique.  I can't tell if she used a straight stitch on her sewing machine to stitch the petals in place or if the stitching is part of the quilting.  It looks like a lot of work went into this quilt.

Next are three quilts I don't have close-ups for. The one with the older women is small, less than 24" x 36".

This next quilt was chosen best of show. It was very striking with its black background and bright flowers. Except for one print it appeared that all the flowers, leaves, and squares were stitched from batiks. The quilter used a variety of applique methods. It really was the most beautiful quilt in the show.

And here are close-ups of several of the blocks.  The photography makes it appear as though there are different blacks in the background but the blocks were all of the same blackness.  (The problem was the light and my unpolished photography skills.)


  1. The appliqué is stunning on this quilt ; )

  2. My favorite quilt is the one of the three little old ladies in their respective flowered print dresses. What a hoot! Good show!


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