Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Children's Garden, Applique

The quilting on the center of Children's Garden is almost finished (unless I decide to add some more quilting in the flower blocks).  I set a goal to have the blocks stitched into a top and have it layered by the end of this month, so I met that goal but I really hoped to have a little more quilted.  If only I hadn't been down with the flu for two weeks. 

I think I mentioned before that the flower blocks were samples to see if I could successfully applique.  I wanted to learn to applique so I could participate in the Airedale Rescue Quilting Bee, an online group of women who put together a quilt every year then raffle it and use the funds to support Airedale Rescue.

I can do the technical sewing like making my stitches nearly invisible but I sometimes struggle with fabric and color choices. 

Airedale terriers can be challenging dogs.  They're often spirited, full of themselves, and want to run the show.  They need strong-willed owners with a firm hand and a sense of humor.  If you laugh at an Airedale's antics he'll enjoy the humor and do his best to keep the laugh going by repeating the behavior or coming up with something even more extravagant. 

I've loved and been loved by several Airedales over the years.  Our current 'dale, Hannah, is a rescue girl who came from a situation of abuse.  We often think the spirit was beaten out of her in her previous life.  Oh, so, slowly, she's coming around but she'll probably never be as enthusiastic and gregarious as an Airedale who's lived in a healthy environment since puppyhood.

Even so, I feel honored to be loved by such a sweet Airedale.

I'm linking this post to A Lovely Year of Finishes at Fiber of All Sorts as both a finish (for layering and pin-basting the top and as a goal of finishing the quilt, including hand quilting and binding it in May. Thanks, Shanna.



  1. Your quilt is so sweet and old fashioned. And the colors are soft. It draws me in and makes me want to feel those lovely fabrics. Nice work. I just tried wool felt applique, which is such a fast, lazy way to sew compared to the precision of cotton cloth. Your work is great. And... your Hannah is a dear. How could we get through life without a dog?

  2. Wow this is lovely - what a lot of work you have already put into this!

  3. I just think you made all the perfect choices on your garden quilt! It looks just wonderful!
    My Mom had Airdales when she was a child in Vienna. She still loves them. Don't know why we never had them when I was growing up. I should ask her. Hannah is lucky to now be a part of your family. We had a setter that was abused and it took years for her to settle in. My Dad was the only man she ever took to. My Mom used to cook for her and practically had to force feed her meatballs in the beginning. She was a great dog. Love can heal a lot of issues.


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