Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Thought I Would Love It - W.i.P. Wednesday

The Children's Garden quilt is nearly finished but sometimes my fingers need a break from hand quilting so I decided to work on another project.  The blocks for this Sunday Morning quilt were in progress with almost enough blocks sewn so it was the first obvious choice. 

I finished stitching the last few blocks, cut them to size, then laid them out in random order on the floor.  The blocks will finish at 7 1/2".  There are 120 blocks, so 10 blocks by 12 blocks.  If I stop here with this many the quilt will be about 72" x 90".
I've seen other "Sunday Morning" quilts and loved them.  I thought I would love this quilt.  But it's lacking something.  My husband thinks it's peaceful.  I think he's tired of the bright colors I usually choose.  I'll let it rest for a day or so before deciding whether to do something about, with, or to it or whether to just stitch it up as is.  What do you think?

Outside, my flax has bloomed.  The plants are light, feathery, wispy, but when the lavender blue flowers bloom they practically glow, especially against the plant's green/blue foliage.  This is the plant from which linen is made.  It's a beautiful beginning for a beautiful fabric.

This is a post for W.i.P. Wednesday, hosted by Lee at Freshly Pieced.  Thanks for hosting, Lee.

Blessings to you. my readers.


  1. Oh the Sunday morning is just perfect! Pretty blue flowers too

  2. I really like the low volume look of this quilt.

  3. I love it! Low volume is so fun to change it up.

  4. I love your Sunday Morning quilt! I think it is restful and cool which will be welcome when the temps soar this summer. I sometimes reach a stage when I am making a quilt where I just don't love it. Once it is quilted and I am stitching on the binding, I fall in love with it again.

  5. It is peaceful - maybe have a nice cup of tea and get in the mood for enjoying the calmness of the quilt.


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