Saturday, October 4, 2014

Quilts from a Local Quilt Show

Just a few photos from a tiny quilt show during a local arts festival a week or two ago.  The quilts were hung in the basement of a church and were too close for good photos.


Many of the quilts in the show had a white backgrounds.

My personal favorite quilt was the red and green (the one with the blue ribbon).

Happy quilting.


  1. That blue-ribbon winner is such a rich coloration--just like fall had arrived! I also need need need to make me a maple leaf quilt. I've seen them a few different places and have really fallen in love with that pattern. Thanks for the "quilt show!"


    1. I like that blue ribbons quilt, too, Elizabeth. I think it was a nice choice to use the patterned fabric in the alternating squares. And I always love red and green together, no matter the shade of green. I wish I'd paid more attention to the quilting but it was probably machine quilted or I think I would have taken a close-up photo.

      I've been noticing maple leaf quilts lately, too. I love the autumn shades, which would make a gorgeous maple leaf quilt.


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