Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Wool Quilt

This quilt caught my attention as I was browsing fabric at an outdoor quilt shop sale this weekend.  The colors looked like fall to me.

When I got closer I noticed a few details.

For instance, some of the threads of wool were worn bare to the batting inside.  There were several types of fabric used for the quilt.  The others held up better than these red blocks.  (I assume this was not the work of moths because there were no other holes.)

And the quilter pieced the fabric for several of the blocks.  Notice the darker green block toward the right center of the photo.  The square has a small triangle added to the lower left of the block to make the square.  And two of the sashing strips are pieced.  On the left red and cream one, the quilter aligned the vertical stripes pretty well but the two plaids pieces in that sashing strip are going in opposite directions.  The green and cream check fabric above the threadbare reds is also pieced.

I love quilts like these where the creator had a make-do attitude, using what she had on hand.  I also love almost any red and green quilt.  This one was priced to buy but it was in need of so much repair that I passed it up.  I hope someone else bought it and will love it to the end of its days.


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