Monday, September 21, 2015


Thank goodness for this online quilting community where we can post a problem and others respond with help -- sometimes almost within minutes of our plea.

In my last post I showed a photo of puckered quilting along the border of a string quilt in-progress.  I knew it shouldn't pucker but I didn't know what I was doing wrong.  Within an hours of the post Ann Marie of AMSewing read my problem and responded with the suggestion to baste the border.  (The pin-basting wasn't effective.)

Another several hours later Allison of New Every Morning Patchwork and Quilting left a comment suggesting that I baste around the very edge of the quilt.

I unstitched the quilting over the weekend, basted the border and very edge of the quilt this morning, and requilted this evening.  Yes!  Because of their suggestions I have no more puckers.

Thank you, Ann Marie and Allison.  I appreciate your help.


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  1. You are welcome! Thank you for the mention too. Funnily enough I've been having problems with machine quilting today. I'll be posting a photo and asking for help in my next blog post!


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