Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Too Much Blue

I spent yesterday cutting blue sashing and laying it between the quilt blocks.  I had a hard time deciding how wide to cut it.  I read somewhere that a rule of thumb for sashing is one fourth of the width of the block.  These blocks will finish at 9 1/2" so I rounded up and cut the sashing at 3" wide, to finish at 2 1/2" (since 2 1/2 is one fourth of 10).  But now I think it may be too wide.
The blue in the photo looks brighter and lighter than it is in real life.  But still, either there's too much blue or blue just doesn't work for this quilt.  So I'm trying a narrower width of blue.

The blue in the photo below is more accurate.

I looked at photos of other possible sashing colors (where the photo shows a more accurate blue) and continue to like the blue better than brown or light.

I'm still hoping to get this sewn together and layered by next Tuesday!

Have any of you used pieced side-setting triangles before?  I'm not sure what to do about the corners but this is what I've come up with.  Do you think it will work to have two side-setting triangles meet at the corner with sashing between? 

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  1. I think the pieced setting triangles look great, as do the two meeting at the corners. It flows well. So clever of you to figure it all out! The quilt is beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Kathleen. I feel pleased to have been able to figure out how to cut the side setting triangles so they aren't on the bias. I like the look so it may be something I'll try again if I do an on-point quilt. Thanks for visiting and leaving such kind comments.

  2. Well, I think the blue is perfect for the sashing ... I think you should make the sashing narrower so it doesn't overwhelm the blocks. But what do I know? I love blue and I generally prefer the narrower sashings. And I think that two pieced setting triangles coming together to form the corner will be fine ... maybe not if they weren't pieced, but since they're pieced, I think it'll work just fine.

  3. I like the sashing as is (remember, you're going to lose half an inch in seam allowances, and it'll make a bigger difference on the sashing than the blocks percentage-wise) but I think you could go narrower and still look good: you'll get a different look if you get *too* close to the width of the brown stripes in the blocks, but it looks like there's plenty of room to play in the in-between.

    As for the side-setting triangles, I'm not *quite* sure what you mean, but it does seem like what you've got laid out will work. You'll just have to do some extra pinning around the outer border if the outer edges are bias cuts (and I probably would do an outer border so things didn't stretch weirdly during the quilting phase if that was the case).

    1. Thanks for the thorough comments about both the sashing and the setting triangles, Robin. I decided to cut the sashing a little narrower and I exchanged the brightest of the blue fabric for ones that are slightly darker. That bright blue made the quilt look too patriotic. (I'm not against patriotic quilts but I didn't have that in mind for this quilt.)

      The side setting triangles are pieced with the grain going the length of the edges of the triangle so there won't be any bias edges around the outside perimeter of the quilt. I plan to sew the quilt together tomorrow and am hoping it all works like I imagine it should.

      Thanks again for your thoughtful comments, Robin.

  4. Brilliant way to handle the corner triangles on your pieced quilt! I like the blue sashing, but have no opinion on how wide/narrow it should be - I'll watch and see what you decide to do.

  5. I've used pieced setting triangles before and that's exactly how you do it! I love the look so much. Your blue is a good choice and the size is totally up to you. Go with your gut and you'll be fine!


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