Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thoughtful Quilts, Mindless Quilts - W.i.P. Wednesday

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you have to think about the quilt you're sewing and other times you can mindlessly stitch the pieces of a quilt together?

For example, the two blocks above are mindless blocks. I collect and/or cut the strips and put them in a basket or box, then all I have to do is stitch them together one after the other. When the sewn strips are 8" wide I quit adding strips. I wait till I have a pile then iron the pieces when I'm talking on the phone or watching a program. After the stack is ironed I take them to my cutting mat and cut one edge of each block even. Next I add the perpendicular strips. I iron everything flat again, then cut each block into a square. Very little thinking involved especially if I do the same step over and over for many blocks.

On the other hand, the little blocks below take more effort. It is not a thoughtless, mindless quilt. The blocks are all the same size but each block uses 5 different fabrics: 4 of the same/similar color and one contrasting color in the center. I have a mess of fabric sitting on my table sorted into piles of different colors. I lay out each block individually to try out the fabrics. Some fabrics are used in more than one block (because my stash is not large enough to use a fabric only once). I adore making these little blocks but this quilt is not a mindless quilt.

Much more thought and time goes into a quilt like the one with the little blocks than into a scrappy string quilt. I work on a mindless quilt when I'm tired but still have a little energy or when I want to think about other things or solve a problem. I work on thoughtful quilts like the one with color blocks when I have more mental energy.

How about you? Do you have several quilts in progress at the same time? Do you have periods of high and low energy with different quilts for each? How do you work on your quilts?

Progress report:
Pastel strings, cut at 8":
108 (or more) needed
16 sewn and cut to size
24 ready to be cut
68 in progress

Color blocks, cut at 5":
280 (or more) needed
95 finished
30 in progress
155 yet to cut and sew


  1. I have way too many projects at one time. I loved doing the "Sunday morning" blocks. I should make another; )
    When I'm too tired to sit at the machine, I do hexagons

  2. I like your coloured blocks. I have many projects on the go at any given time. I am slow at quilting, so I try to keep the number down, but I have one UFO, 2 in progress and 1 with fabric waiting for me to go (and more ideas in my head...)

  3. Hi, Carla. Even with too many projects in progress you seem to finish them quickly. Your Sunday Morning was beautiful and so are your hexagons. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  4. Hi, Katie -
    Maybe you're like me? Part of what keeps me going are the ideas in my head, the next things I want to create. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.


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