Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Snowball and Nine Patch:  Four Variations

I always find it interesting that so many variations can be created from a single quilt pattern.
The four patterns above are all created from 9-patch blocks alternating with snowball blocks.  How different they look! 

The two on the top row both have dark-on-the-corner 9-patches.  The snowballs on the left have dark triangles in the corners.  The snowballs on the right have light triangles in the corners. 

The two on the bottom row both have light-in-the-corner 9-patches but the snowballs on the left have dark triangles in the corners and the snowballs on the right have light triangles in the corners.

The patterns that are catty-corner from each other have colors in opposite positions.  It may depend on your own vision what stands out to you or what you see first. 

When I look at the top left pattern the first thing I see are the diagonal crosses.  In all the other patterns, I see the snowballs first.  If I squint I can see the white diagonal crosses in the lower right pattern.

Turn these patterns on the diagonal and it almost looks like there are four different patterns.

How about you?  Do you notice how different patterns can look when the colors and/or lights/darks change places.  What do you see when you look at these patterns? 



  1. Lovely sample which shows off the differences.

  2. I love how blocks can look so different depending on what fabrics, setting, colors we use. A quilt really has endless potential for depth!

  3. I find this whole idea so intriguing. Makes me want to make a quilt in four parts showing each of the combinations. Thanks for sharing your pictures!


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