Wednesday, September 19, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday - Slow But Sure

My progress on the bed-size High Five is slow but steady. I have between half and two-thirds of the blocks made and decided there were enough to lay them out and have a look.  I wanted to see the colors, see which are too few, which too many, and whether I should omit some.  They are not arranged, just laid out.

I think I have too many lights and not enough brights, especially primary brights but maybe that's because of the way they're laid out. But maybe I really need more lights.  Today I finished more blocks but I didn't add them before taking the photo.

Progress report:

Color blocks for High Five, cut at 5"
280 (or more) needed
93 made this week
188 finished
2 in progress
90 yet to cut and sew
Hey!  If I made 93 in a week I could conceivably have all the blocks finished by next week!  Wow.  That would be progress!

Pastel strings for Sunday Morning, cut at 8"
No progress this week!
108 (or more) needed
16 sewn and cut to size
24 ready to be cut
68 in progress

Quilting still in progress
There's not exactly a way to document the progress on this unless I counted blocks quilted -- and I don't really quilt by the block.  I've decided that if I devote at least 15 minutes/day to quilting I will eventually finish it!

I've linked to W.i.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.  You'll see lots of other works in progress there. too.

On Another Note:
Is anyone else feeling challenged by the new blogger interface? Its behind-the-scenes beauty is gone. It used to be easy to change the size of a photo by clicking on the image in compose mode, then using the mouse to drag the corner larger or smaller.  That option is no longer available.  How sad because it means I can't arrange 3 or 4 or 5 small photos side-by-side or in any other arrangement.   


  1. That's a lot of piecing! It will be awesome when done.

  2. What a fun, cheerful set of blocks! Have a great time putting them together!

  3. I think the High Five progress looks wonderful. Love the colors!

  4. Looking for ideas for scrappy baby quilt - this is perfect!


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