Saturday, January 5, 2013

Non-Conformists on Easy Street

I'm still trying to decide what to do about my possibly/probably too dark teals.  I've been browsing through the Easy Street Link-Ups looking for participants who chose colors other than Bonnie's lime/turquoise/purple route to see how their colors look and to see if others have similar-value colors.  Below are some of the quilts and colors I found.

I'm sorry there are no photos below.  I could have taken screen shots of the quilts but didn't want to infringe on the copyright of other bloggers.  You can click the links to see the images:  they will open in a new window which you can close when you're finished.

Pam at Hip to Be a Square Podcast used reds, greens, golds, browns, and creams.  Her greens look teal in this image of her finished block.

Vic at Park Hill Farm used red, greens, brown/golds, blue, and naturals in Civil War prints.  Her first finished block is beautiful!  Scroll down to the third photo to see it.

Cheryl of MO, Broker, My Creative Side posted a photo of several of her completed blocks.  She used red, gold, lavender/purple, and black.

Kim of QuiltMom used reds, brown, golden yellow (maybe cheddar?), white, and navy.  You can see photos of all the parts of her blocks, not yet stitched into the final blocks at Sitting Turkeys and Turkey Droppings?

Crystal of Quiltways is using pinks, roses, turquoise, grey, and white.  Click on December under 2012 in her sidebar and you'll be able to see the stitched parts of most of the clues.

You can see Curlyque Sue's colors at Easy Street Mystery.  She used yellows, orangy/peaches, browns, and blues.  

Kat of Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm chose navy/black, red/browns, oranges, tan, and cream for her colors.  She hasn't posted any finished blocks yet.

Green, light blue, medium blue, rose, lavender, off white are the colors and MADAKAMOM - Wife, Mom, Nana.  She shows several of her blocks together at Easy Street Steps 7 & 8 and a Partial Reveal.  Of all the quilts I've seen so far, hers is the one that makes me reconsider leaving my teals:  she also has low-contrast colors. 

Elaine at Emily's Cupboard chose brick reds, peachy reds, light blue, brown, and the palest peach/cream.  At Easy Street Mystery Clue 7 you can see a corner layout.

Maybe my teal won't be so bad.  I think I will do as one of my commenters, Nina, suggest:  lay out several blocks together and look at them for a few days before making a decision.  For me it comes down to whether I can live happily with so much teal (or give the quilt away to someone who can!).

Note added on January 7:  There are a LOT of non-conformist quilts which you can see at Bonnie's Easy Street Link-Up from this morning.



  1. My partner Kathy changed up the colors too..hers has blues and browns with teal/turquise..she was going for more of a blue look but it looks good!

    1. Will she post her quilt on the link-up, Andee? I'd like to see her colors. They sound lovely.

  2. I agree with Nina. Lay out several blocks and see what you think after a few days. I think the teal looks good with the red, but I totally understand your dilemma if you were thinking red would be the dominant color. In the end, you want it to be a quilt YOU like :)

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jill. I couldn't find another color in my stash that I thought worked better so I'm stitching away now on the original color plan.


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