Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stewing about Colors or, My Unsettled Heart

I truly thought I'd come to peace with my color choices for Easy Street. (The teal/turquoise is a bluer in this photo than in person.)

So I started sewing the blocks together.  I have three and a half finished.

And then I browsed through the photos I had of alternate colors and caught my breath at the beauty and lightness of the golden blocks.

But no, no! I am going to use the teal/turquoise as I originally planned.  There's still a chance I will love it when it's finished.

I think I like knowing in advance better than I like a mystery when it comes to quilting.



  1. Oh, gosh! That makes 2 of us - I'm stewing too! I love the design, but sure do wish I had switched out the greens. Alas, I am making it as planned and hoping I will love it when it is finished. I like your teals and your yellows so I'm thinking this may be a case of falling in love with our quilts when they are quilted.

  2. What you have put together so far is gorgeous. One thing about a Mystery is that it is another persons vision, and even with the options to make it yours, it often takes one out of their comfort zone. That's GROWTH, and as Martha says...That's a good thing.

    1. Thanks for your compliment about the quilt, Sue. Aside from colors, this quilt has really pushed me into new and uncomfortable areas, which IS a good thing. I've learned a lot that I might not have learned if I hadn't been participating. I'm just grateful I can make my mistakes in private and share what I want in public!

  3. I think both of your color combinations are pretty. You had thought about (in a comment to me) about making two smaller sized quilts. You could always do one teal and one gold.


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