Friday, March 22, 2013

Children's Garden 6 x 7 Layout - Two More Variations

I decided against the 5 x 7 layout with the scrappy cream sashing for the Children's Garden quilt.  The proportions seemed too out of balance.  I think this 6 x 7 layout looks better.  I'm still playing with fabrics for borders.

Here's my next thought for sashing fabric between the flower blocks and a possible border between the flower blocks and churn dash blocks. 
I think the light green compliments the flowers, leaves, and block backgrounds in the center and is good with the churn dash blocks, too.  But is it too quiet, too dull, too boring?  Would a different color be better?

What about the border?  Brighter red?  Different color altogether?  The dark red has green, blue, and gold in the little paisleys, colors already in the flowers and churn dashes.

My husband suggested I try it without an inner border. 
I think it looks bland this way and needs at least a narrow inner border.  Maybe the red squares could be larger and from the darker red fabric (shown as border in top photo) and the border could be a narrow, cherry red fabric like the small squares.

I also have to consider whether to add an outer border or let the binding act as a narrow border.

Isn't it great how we can lay out our quilts without having to stitch them so we can look at them instead of having to visualize mentally?  I don't visualize very well -- which makes it really difficult when it comes to things like house paint!  It's easy to change the sashing or border on an unstitched quilt but hard to repaint a house.

Perhaps you're wondering how I have time to play with this quilt when I'm trying to finish hand quilting the High Five for Brenna?  My fingers get sore and tired after a few hours and I have to take breaks every so often.  Plus, I think I'm having withdrawals from not sewing.

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  1. I kind of like it without the border too. I love your blocks!

  2. It is nice to be able to play around. It's such a darling quilt it will look great whatever you do ; )

  3. I like the 6x7 size. And I think you picked a perfect background fabric for the inside. I'd be tempted to go with a narrow inside border in a darkish color. Either your red or maybe a muted green or teal (it looks like there is teal in the churn blocks?) color. No border looks good also, but I think the border might give it an extra punch.

  4. I really like your cheerful sashing/border fabric, and the scrappy red posts are so charming! I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  5. I'm with Nina on using a darkish color for a narrow border (either red or green or maybe even a brown tone on tone?) and that green is perfect for your flower blocks. Then I would maybe bind it in the same fabric that you use for the border. Gosh those flowers are cute!


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