Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Now I Understand

Easy Street is my first mystery quilt.  As I looked at others' posts about their colors, progress, etc., I noticed that many of the quilters put their blocks in plastic bags and identified the step number on the bag.  I thought that was a good idea but perhaps just a little extra careful to protect the blocks.  I stored mine like this:
As I cut and stitched blocks for each step, I kept adding totals to a small piece of paper until I had enough blocks, stuck a pin in the paper and through the finished blocks, then put them in the box.

Today Bonnie Hunter posted the last instructions for the quiltNow I understand why others identified the step number for each block and put the finished blocks in plastic bags.  How much easier it would be to find the pieces by step number than by color and type (especially because I used different colors than Bonnie).

I've laid out all the clues I've finished (I couldn't keep up after Christmas because my family was here) and will add the step numbers to the papers.  I know it will make it easier to stitch the blocks together.
I still have some cutting and sewing to do before I can make any of the larger blocks.

I'm sorry my family has gone but sewing this quilt will, I hope, help me not to miss them so much.  My 6-month-old grandboy, Mali, is one of the people I will be missing.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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  1. I agree. Focusing on a project like this quilt helps with the sudden quiet in the house. My challenge in finishing is turning this large quilt into something smaller since I opted to make half of everything hoping to have a smaller finishing more appropriate for a child's quilt. I'm anxious to see how I can make it all work out! Happy sewing.


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